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by Cat Kuhlman / California Ocean Protection Council
  • Skyli McAfee / California Ocean Science Trust (OST), California Ocean Protection Council (OPC)

Building a Shared Vision for California’s Ocean Health

August 21, 2014

In California, maintaining healthy coasts and oceans is critical to our state's environmental and economic security, and integral to our high quality of life and culture. The California Ocean Protection Council (OPC), with support from California Ocean Science Trust, has launched a valuable conversation around building a shared vision of ocean health.

Advancing the Dialogue

It is the OPC’s mandate that all decisions affecting ocean and coastal environments should:

  1. conserve the health and diversity of ocean life and ecosystems,
  2. allow activities and uses that are sustainable; and
  3. recognize the importance of aesthetic, educational, and recreational uses.

Furthermore, ‘ocean health’ or related phrases appear within mandates and policies across state agencies, but what exactly does that mean? Are we thinking about it the same way? I believe the time is now to come together in a shared understanding of our mutual goals, our vision for the future.

Our ocean and coastal agencies work on behalf of our diverse coastal communities. So, what does ‘ocean health’ mean to you? How do fishermen, tribes and tribal communities, conservation organizations, and others envision vibrant and productive ecosystems? Is there a nexus with water quality and human health? To advance the dialogue, these are some of the questions we need to discuss. And we need to hear from you.

We invite you to join us on August 27 to share your perspectives on “ocean health” as we move forward toward building a shared vision. Now is the opportunity to lay the foundation – come learn and participate as we advance this dialogue on behalf of all who care about California’s ocean. Following the workshop, the OPC will also convene to address some of California’s ocean priorities including climate change and reducing marine debris.


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