Blog Post
by Jan Freiwald / Reef Check

Video featuring Reef Check California Volunteers

July 14, 2014

Reef Check has created a new video featuring its California volunteers and the ways in which they get involved in California’s MPA monitoring.  The video features three Reef Check California volunteers and tells their stories in a fun and lively way. Throughout a dialogue, they share their motivations for becoming a Reef Check diver and what brings them back to the program year after year.  Volunteers speak about the friends they have made through Reef Check, how they are becoming part of a community that cares about the ocean and does something about conserving it and how their data will be used to study the ocean’s health and California’s MPAs.

This video was produced in concert with the development of a speakers bureau as part of Reef Check’s outreach campaign to educate California’s public about the state’s network of MPAs - or underwater parks, the importance of ecosystem monitoring and ways in which the public can get involved in this effort. The speakers bureau will reach out to populations beyond the immediate ocean users and stakeholder communities to reach a wider public that might not be aware of the establishment of marine protected areas along California’s coast.

Enjoy the video, pass on the link: and help spread the word.

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