Citizen Science Snapshot Report


The eighth report in the South Coast Snapshot Series, Monitoring the South Coast with Citizen Science, highlights the contributions of citizen science to baseline marine protected area (MPA) monitoring projects in California’s South Coast.


State-funded monitoring projects incorporated work with local experts and citizen scientists through collaboration with three groups: Reef Check California, Long-term Monitoring Program and Experiential Training for Students (LiMPETS), and the South Coast Lobster Research Group.


Citizen science is a scientific endeavor developed and/or enacted by people who are not trained as conventional scientists. Engaging citizen science programs can promote education, awareness, and stewardship, as well as generate large amounts of quality data cost-effectively. Citizen science is and will continue to be an important contributor to MPA monitoring that informs adaptive management of the MPA Network.  


This snapshot report, and the entire South Coast Snapshot Series, provides a foundation for rigorous science-informed decisions in the region. It is key ingredient in the State of the California South Coast Region report, which provides a comprehensive ecological and socioeconomic baseline characterization of the region.


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