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Marine Citizen Science Certification: Ocean Sanctuaries Collaborates with

October 02, 2016

Ocean Sanctuaries is pleased to announce an upcoming collaboration with!

Beginning sometime in 2017, Ocean Sanctuaries, in conjunction with another ocean citizen science nonprofit group,, is planning to offer a basic (West Coast) Marine Citizen Scientist Certification course. Certifications for other parts of the US may come later.

It will consist of two parts:

Part I: The student would complete a basic online marine life and fish identification course with REEF, which has been available for several years now on website. Residents of California would take the California fish ID and marine life invertebrates course and residents of the Pacific Northwest, Washington and Vancouver areas, could take the corresponding courses for the Pacific Northwest.


Upon satisfactory completion of this portion of the course, as determined by REEF, they would then proceed to:

Part II: 

Basic Scientific Concepts, Protocols and Tools for the Citizen Scientist, such as taking notes and scientific measurements in the field, using nautical maps and GPS and basic species taxonomy, to be designed and offered by Ocean Sanctuaries. 

Once both Part I and Part II have been satisfactorily completed, then a basic Marine Citizen Scientist certificate would be issued. So far, there are no plans to charge for either course.

Note: This would *not* be a scuba certification program and any training involved with scuba equipment would have to be obtained separately

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