September 20, 2012

Baseline Characterization of Key Commercial Fisheries: Figures and Tables

Cheryl Chen / Ecotrust, Future of Fish

Data Package Summary


This data set is a part of Ecotrust's project entitled: Establishing a Baseline and Assessing Spatial and Socioeconomic Change in the California Central Coast Commercial and CPFV Fisheries. This project is a component of the California Central Coast Baseline Program. This goal of this program is to establish a benchmark of ecological and socioeconomic conditions at the time the MPAs were implemented, and to explore whether there have been any changes since MPAs were established. This data set consists of data collected in the spring of 2012 from interviews with commercial fishermen who had landings in key fisheries in the California Central Coast in 2011. Survey results from the interviews were aggregated to protect individual information. This data set establishes a baseline characterization of the commercial fishing fleet for key fisheries in the Central Coast Region for the year 2011.

The primary goal of this project was to collect up-to-date information on historical trends, current socioeconomic conditions, and the spatial distribution and economic value of key commercial fisheries and the commercial passenger fishing vessel (CPFV) fleet in the Central Coast Region.

Please contact Ecotrust before using this data:
Charles Steinback

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