October 23, 2013

North Central Coast: coastal recreation sector: survey and spatial data

Cheryl Chen / Ecotrust, Future of Fish

Data Package Summary The coastal recreation study is designed to establish a baseline characterization of participation rates and the economic value of coastal recreation and provide a spatial baseline of coastal recreation use patterns in the North Central Coast region. Please see the project report for full details on the data collection and analysis methods as well as a listing of survey questions. Included in this data package is a summary of all survey data as well as a PDF map depicting intensity of use across all coastal recreation activities data collected in the region. We also have spatial data for individual activities, including: Scenic enjoyment; Beach going (dog-walking, kite-flying, jogging, etc.); Photography; Watching birds and/or other marine life from shore; Sitting in your car watching the scene; Biking or hiking; Collection of non-living resources/beachcombing (agates, fossils, driftwood); and Swimming or body surfing in the ocean. If you would like to access the GIS data from this project please contact us. 

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  • Ecotrust NCC Coastal Recreation Report Data.xlsx
  • Ecotrust NCC Coastal Recreation Report Data.xml
  • Rec_Panel_KDs_all_activities.pdf
  • Rec_Panel_KDs_all_activities.xml
  • NCC_SocEco Coastal Recreation Methods FINAL.pdf
  • NCC_SocEco Project Summary Table FINAL.csv
  • NCC_baseline_program_projects_12.csv
  • NCC_baseline_program_projects_2.xml
  • NCC_MPA_boundaries_2013_2.csv
  • NCC_MPA_boundaries_2013_2.xml
  • ncc_mpa_boundaryinformation_lookup_table.csv
  • ncc_mpa_boundaryinformation_lookup_table_metadata.csv
  • ncc_mpa_baselinemonitoringinformation_lookup_table.csv
  • ncc_mpa_baselinemonitoringinformation_lookup_table_metadata.xml
  • oceanspaces_datauseattribution.pdf