October 23, 2013

North Central Coast: commercial passenger fishing vessel sector ('party boats'): survey and spatial data

Cheryl Chen / Ecotrust, Future of Fish

Data Package Summary

The information contained in this data package establishes a baseline characterization of the commercial passenger fishing vessel (CPFV) fleet for key fisheries in the North Central Coast Region. This data package includes: 1) Survey data - collected through CPFV operator interviews for the fishing years 2010 and 2011 and 2) Fishing maps - spatial fishing data for the 2010 fishing year at the region level. We conducted in-person interviews with CPFV operators who were operating in 2010 and/or 2011 in the study region. The ports in which we targeted CPFV interview were: Bodega Bay, Sausalito, Berkeley, Emeryville, San Francisco, and Half Moon Bay. Please see the final project technical report and appendix for project methods and a full summary of results. As part of the baseline monitoring project we collected extensive spatial fishing data. Included here are PDFs of the data collected aggregated to the region level for each fishery. We also have data which is aggregated to the port level and fishing data for the 2011 fishing year. If you would like to access port level data, 2011 spatial fishing data, or GIS files of spatial fishing data please contact us.


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  • Ecotrust NCC CPFV Report 2010 Survey Data_0.xlsx
  • Ecotrust NCC CPFV Report 2010 Survey Data.xml
  • Ecotrust NCC CPFV Report 2011 Survey Data.xlsx
  • Ecotrust NCC CPFV Report 2011 Survey Data.xml
  • NCCM_chal_allk.pdf
  • NCCM_dcrab_allk.pdf
  • NCCM_rckf_allk.pdf
  • NCCM_sal_allk_0.pdf
  • NCCM_stbas_allk.pdf
  • chal_allk_0.xml
  • dcrab_allk_0.xml
  • rckf_allk_0.xml
  • sal_allk_0.xml
  • stbas_allk_0.xml
  • NCC_SocEco CPFV Methods FINAL_0.pdf
  • NCC_SocEco Project Summary Table FINAL_3.csv
  • NCC_baseline_program_projects_12.csv
  • NCC_baseline_program_projects_2.xml
  • NCC_MPA_boundaries_2013_2.csv
  • NCC_MPA_boundaries_2013_2.xml
  • ncc_mpa_boundaryinformation_lookup_table.csv
  • ncc_mpa_boundaryinformation_lookup_table_metadata.csv
  • ncc_mpa_baselinemonitoringinformation_lookup_table.csv
  • ncc_mpa_baselinemonitoringinformation_lookup_table_metadata.xml
  • oceanspaces_datauseattribution.pdf