October 23, 2013

North Central Coast: recreational abalone harvesting: survey and spatial data

Cheryl Chen / Ecotrust, Future of Fish

Data Package Summary This data package includes: 1) Survey data - collected through recreational abalone harvester interviews for the 2010 harvesting season and 2) Harvest maps - spatial harvesting data for the 2010 fishing season at the region level. Included here is a PDF of the spatial data collected aggregated to the region level. We also have data which is aggregated to the abalone punch card site level. If you would like to access punch card site level data or GIS files of spatial harvesting data please contact us. 

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  • Ecotrust NCC Rec Abalone Report 2010 Survey Data.xlsx
  • Ecotrust NCC Rec Abalone Report 2010 Survey Data.xml
  • ncc_abalon_punch_sites_allk_2_panel.pdf
  • ncc_abalon_punch_sites_allk_2_panel.xml
  • NCC_SocEco Recreational Abalone Methods FINAL.pdf
  • NCC_SocEco Project Summary Table FINAL_4.csv
  • NCC_baseline_program_projects_12.csv
  • NCC_baseline_program_projects_2.xml
  • NCC_MPA_boundaries_2013_2.csv
  • NCC_MPA_boundaries_2013_2.xml
  • ncc_mpa_boundaryinformation_lookup_table.csv
  • ncc_mpa_boundaryinformation_lookup_table_metadata.csv
  • ncc_mpa_baselinemonitoringinformation_lookup_table.csv
  • ncc_mpa_baselinemonitoringinformation_lookup_table_metadata.xml
  • oceanspaces_datauseattribution.pdf