October 23, 2013

North Central Coast: Reef Check California UPC surveys of shallow rocky reefs and kelp forest habitats

Jan Freiwald / Reef Check

Data Package Summary

This metadata record documents the Uniform Point Contact (UPC)surveys for North Central Coast Baseline Program Reef Check subtidal community surveys. UPC sampling consists of recording the substrate, biological substrate cover(i.e., attached organisms)and relief at 30 regularly spaced points along a 30 meter "transects" along the seafloor. Subtidal community structure surveys are conducted annually at all sites during the summer or early fall, and quantify substrate type and relief, benthic cover, abundance of 73 species or species groups of macroalgae, invertebrates, and fishes. Spatial allocation of sampling is designed to measure year-to-year site-wide variability in species abundances and community structure. A site is defined as a fixed stretch of coastline, occupying approximately 250m. Each site is comprised of six core transects along which fish, invertebrate, algae and substrate are sampled and 12 additional fish transects. Transects stratified across the two depth zones fish transects are placed around the core transects. For a complete description of the Reef Check California fish sampling protocol see http://reefcheck.org/rcca/monitoring_protocol.php.- See more at: http://oceanspaces.org/data/north-central-coast-reef-check-california-upc-surveys-shallow-rocky-reefs-and-kelp-forest-habit#sthash.3bJLJCQr.dpuf

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