February 17, 2017

North Coast: Baseline Characterization of Human Uses and the Socioeconomic Dimensions of MPAs:Commercial Fishing Data:1992 to 2014

Cheryl Chen / Ecotrust, Future of Fish

The primary goal of this project was to inform long-term marine protected area (MPA) monitoring efforts by gathering up-to-date socioeconomic information to illustrate historical trends, establish a post MPA baseline, and assess initial changes since MPA implementation for the commercial fishing fleet in the North Coast region of California.

To accomplish this goal our research team conducted extensive community outreach and engagement in the region and conducted in-person interviewed commercial fishermen to gather post MPA baseline socioeconomic data and spatial fishing data for the year 2013. Additional to the interview data gathered, we summarized commercial fishing landings data from 1992 to 2014 obtained from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) to explore historical economic trends and initial changes in North Coast commercial fisheries. 

This data package include the commercial fishing landings data from 1992-20142 provided by California Department of Fish and Wildlife summarized to the port and region level; select summarized survey data from fishermen interviews about their fishing operations in the 2013 calendar year, and samples of the spatial data available on the post MPA (2013) and spatial change between pre MPA (2000-2009) and post MPA (2012) fishing grounds at region-fishery and port-fishery scales. 

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  • nc_port_comm_fisheriesofinterest_summary_1992_2014.csv
  • nc_comm_fisheries_summarized_survey_data_2013.csv
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  • nc_soceco_port_comm_fisheriesofinterest_summary_1992_2014_metadata.csv
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  • ca_state_fishery_latin_names_lookup_table_metadata.csv
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  • nc_mpa_baselinemonitoringinformation_lookup_table_metadata.csv
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