February 17, 2017

North Coast: Baseline Characterization of Mid-depth and Deep Ecosystems using a ROV:ROV Biological Data:2014 to 2015

Yuko Yokozawa / Marine Applied Research and Exprolation

ROV surveys were conducted near and within MPAs along the California’s North Coast (from Crescent City to Fort Bragg). ROV location and sensor data are available in a separate data package (“ROV Tracking and Sensor Data”).

The data package includes Fish observation data, select Fish stereo sizing data for 2014, Invertebrate observation data, Invertebrate Patches observation data, Fish Species Code lookup table and Invert Species Code lookup table. The Fish and Invertebrate include the observation of all Fishes and Invertebrates seen in all transects. The data included the time code that the observation was made, species code, common name, count and size. The stereo sizing data is in separate table. The Invertebrate Patches included selected Invertebrate patches seen on all transects. Fish and Invertebrate species code lookup tables include species code, common name and scientific name.

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  • nc_rov_fish_2014_2015.csv
  • nc_rov_invertebrate_2014_2015.csv
  • nc_rov_invertebratepatch_2014_2015.csv
  • nc_rov_stereofishsize_2014.csv
  • nc_rov_fishspcode_lookup_table_2014_2015.csv
  • nc_rov_invertspcode_lookup_table_2014_2015.csv
  • nc_rov_site_lookup_table_2014_2015.csv
  • methods_and_sampling_metadata_rov_biological_data.pdf
  • nc_rov_fish_2014_2015_metadata.csv
  • nc_rov_invertebrate_2014_2015_metadata.csv
  • nc_rov_invertebratepatch_2014_2015_metadata.csv
  • nc_rov_stereofishsize_2014_metadata.csv
  • nc_rov_fishspcode_lookup_table_2014_2015_metadata.csv
  • nc_rov_invertspcode_lookup_table_2014_2015_metadata.csv
  • nc_rov_site_lookup_table_2014_2015_metadata.csv
  • eml-node-3223.xml
  • nc_mpa_boundaryinformation_lookup_table.csv
  • nc_mpa_boundaryinformation_lookup_table_metadata.csv
  • nc_mpa_baselinemonitoringinformation_lookup_table.csv
  • nc_mpa_baselinemonitoringinformation_lookup_table_metadata.csv
  • oceanspaces_datauseattribution.pdf