February 15, 2017

North Coast:Baseline Characterization of Nearshore Rocky Reefs and Kelp Forests:Collaborative size frequency surveys by commercial urchin divers:2016 to 2016

Franklin Moitoza / Humboldt State University

This metadata record documents the size frequency surveys for subtidal community surveys. Size frequency sampling consists of recording the number and size of target invertebrate species (urchins of the genus Strongylocentrotus  and  red abalone Haliotis rufescens). Individuals are encountered and recorded as separate swath surveys in the vicinity of the main swath survey site. Completed as part of a collaborative sampling by commercial urchin fisherman at a few select study sites in the summer of 2016. Subtidal community structure surveys are conducted annually at all sites during the summer or early fall, and quantify substrate type and relief, benthic cover, abundance of major groups of macroalgae and invertebrates, and abundance and size of fishes. Spatial allocation of sampling is designed to measure year-to-year site-wide variability in community structure and the spatial scales at which such variation occurs.  A site is defined as a fixed area of coastline comprised of 3 cells, each occupying approximately 500m. Each cell is comprised of 4 benthic transects stratified across the two zones described below.

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