April 09, 2015

South Coast: Baseline Characterization of Human Uses:Coastal recreation survey and spatial data:2012 to 2013

Cheryl Chen / Ecotrust, Future of Fish

This study addresses the South Coast Baseline Program objectives by describing human use patterns across the study region and establishing initial data points for long-term tracking of conditions and trends in the South Coast. This study is also a part of a three-part study conducted by Point 97 to provide baseline estimates of the quantity, spatial distribution, and economic value of human uses—specifically human use in three specific sectors: coastal recreation, commercial fishing, and commercial passenger fishing vessels in the South Coast region.
The South Coast (SC) region coastal recreation survey was launched in May of 2012. In an effort to capture seasonal variations in coastal use, we collected data on the respondent’s most recent coastal trip, and deployed the survey in four survey “waves” over a one-year period. Data collection was completed in March 2013, and the data were then subsequently analyzed and synthesized. In the survey, respondents were asked to recount details of their coastal visitation trips over the previous 12 months and of their last trip, including information about the number of trips taken, participation in recreational activities, the location of activities, and expenditures made. This data package include the raw survey data and a sample PDF map of the spatial data collected. 

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  • sc_coastal_recreation_raw_survey_data.csv
  • sc_coastal_recreation_all_activities_map.pdf
  • sc_coastal_recreation_question_lookup_table.csv
  • sc_coastal_recreation_answer_key_lookup_table.csv
  • sc_coastal_recreation_methods_and_sampling_metadata.pdf
  • sc_coastal_recreation_raw_suvey_data_metadata.xml
  • sc_coastal_recreation_all_activities_map_metadata.xml
  • sc_coastal_recreation_question_lookup_table_metadata.xml
  • sc_coastal_recreation_answer_key_lookup_table_metadata.xml
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  • sc_mpa_boundaryinformation_lookup_table_metadata.csv
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  • sc_mpa_baselineprograminformation_lookuptable.csv
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