August 11, 2015

South Coast: Nearshore Substrate Mapping Using Multi-Spectral Aerial Imagery:SCR_Aerial_SanDiego_Scripps_SMCA_2002_2012_IntertidalChange:2002 to 2012

This raster dataset was developed for the Sea Grant South Coast MPA Baseline Program as part of the project “Nearshore Substrate Mapping and Change Analysis using Historical and Concurrent Multispectral Imagery” (#R/MPA 30 10-049). The study region is the South Coast Region (SCR). Imagery was acquired in 2002 using the OI DMSC MKII multispectral instrument and in 2012  using a Microsoft UltraCam-X digital camera acquiring in the red, green, blue and near-infrared bands. Information on the UltraCam-X camera system and wavelengths for each ban can be found in the file "The Microsoft Vexcel UltraCam X.pdf" included in the Support folder on the image data delivery media and on the server. The goal of this analysis was to characterize and analyze the decadal-long change in several sub/intertidal, general substrate/vegetation classes. The classes were identified in habitat classifications created as part of 2001-2002 work completed for the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG), and compared to the same classes identified and mapped during 2012 as part of this project.   The imagery files deliverd are in GeoTIFF format. More information on the classes resolved and processing methods are in the Lineage section of this document.
This raster dataset contains a change detection analysis of the intertidal zone along the California South Coast Region (SCR) from from Dana Point, CA down to Imperial beach, CA. This specific dataset covers the San-Diego Scripps Coastal SMCA.

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