March 24, 2015

South Coast:Kelp and Shallow Rock Characterization:Community Surveys: Fish Surveys:2011 to 2012

Avrey Parsons-Field / Marine Science Institute, UC Santa Barbara

This metadata record documents fish surveys for the South Coast Baseline Program subtidal community surveys of kelp and shallow reef ecosystems. Fish sampling consists of recording the number and size of all non-cryptic fishes on transects. Dimensions for all transects are 2m x 2m x 30m. Fish surveys are conducted annually at all sites during the summer or early fall. Spatial allocation of sampling is designed to measure year-to-year site-wide variability in community structure and the spatial scales at which such variation occurs. A single site consists of at least 250m of coastline. Within each site, surveys are conducted up to 30m depth, depending on the deepest extent of rocky reef habitat present. Sampling is stratified across zones defined by a general depth zone classification (inner, middle, outer, deep) or proximity to shore (onshore to offshore sections of the reef) to ensure surveys capture variation in species occurrence across these gradients. The basic unit of sampling is the transect. To assure that the 3-dimensional habitat created by kelp forests is sampled thoroughly, fish transects are stratified across the face of the reef (alongshore and cross-shore) and vertically through the water column. Three portions of the water column (bottom, midwater and canopy) are sampled by two divers along each transect.  Within each cross-shore ‘zone’, three to four randomly located transects are sampled along isobaths (constant depth) parallel to shore. The zones at each site are stratified to encompass the offshore edge of the reef, the middle of the reef, and as shallow inshore as practical. For example, for a reef with a maximum depth of 25m the target depths for the zones would be 5, 10, 15, and 25m. Data are included for the years 2011 and 2012. More information and additional data can be obtained at (link is external).

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