How do I administer a Community Group or Organization?

If you are a Community Group or Organization administrator, when you are logged in to OceanSpaces you will see a thin black bar across the top of your screen. This is the administrator toolbar that gives you quick access to the tasks administrators use most.

  • You can add content, manage content already published, access drafts of your content prior to publishing, and check the items that need review as part of the groups you administer.
  1. Group Members
    1. You can assign roles to members within your group or add other members of OceanSpaces to your group. 
    2. When viewing your group page you will see a tab called "Group". Here you can add/edit members and their roles. 
    3. Community Groups and Organizations have 3 roles - Admin, Employee/Member, and Subscriber.
      1. Admin can create, edit, and publish any content within the group. 
      2. Employee/Memeber can create content and submit it to the group. The content must be published by an administrator.
      3. Subscribers are not full members and do not show in the Members tab on the group page. They only recieve notifications when new content is added so they can stay up-to-date on the groups activities.
    4. Groups with a closed membership policy automatically make users that join the group Subscribers. An admin for the group must then elevate that user to Employee/Memeber status, if desired.  
    5. To change a users role within the group click the link for People.
    6. Select the users you would like to edit by checking the box next to their name. Then click the Operations dropdown and select Modify OG Users Role and click Execute.
    7. Select the roles you would like to add or remove. You may select more than one at a time. Then click Next.
  2. Add Content
    • ‚ÄčAs the administrator you can create and self-publish certain types of content within your group: Programs, Projects, Images, Videos, and News.
      • Go to the Add Content menu on the black toolbar at the top of the screen and select the type of content to add.
      • Complete all the fields and then Save. 
      • Your content is now in the Needs Review state. You can now publish the content if you want or make further revisions. 
      • To publish content go to the Manage Group Content menu item on the toolbar and follow the instructions below in step 2.
  3. Managing Group Content
    • To manage content for any group you administer, click on the Manage Group Content link in the black toolbar at the top of the screen.
    • This page shows the groups and expanding headers for each cotent type that appears within the group (Blogs, Programs, Projects, Images, Videos, News,). 
    • Clicking on a content type expands the view to show each item associated with your group. Content submitted by your group members for approval will show here as well.
      • You will see a list with the title, moderation state (Draft/Unpublished, Needs Review, Published), and a link to edit the item.
      • To approve an item listed as Not Published, use the Change To options under the title. 
        • Click Change to Published.

To learn more about content types and using OceanSpaces please visit the Member Basics FAQ.