OceanSpaces Member Basics

You just joined OceanSpaces...now what can you do?

  1. Update Your Profile: A detailed profile helps the community get to know you and makes it easier for other members to learn about your work, expertise, and interests.
  2. Create a Community Group or Organization: Now that you have a profile for yourself, is there an organization or group you represent that should be included on OceanSpaces? If so create a Community Group or Organization page.
    1. Organization - Are you part of an organization, research lab or monitoring program? Create an organization page to represent their work.  
    2. Community Group - Do you have a topic, issue, or particular area of interest? Create a community group to collaborate.
  3. Create Some Content: Tell a story about your work or interests.
    1. Tell Your Story: Write a blog, which can be read by any visitor to OceanSpaces. It is a great way to get the word out about your work. It can be about you, your community group, or organization.
    2. Add some content to your group:
      1. Create a Program Page: These give a summary of the high level initiatives or activities you perform. You can highlight program leaders (including other groups on OceanSpaces), collaborators, a contact person, reports, links to your website, and projects that are part of this larger initiative.
      2. Create a Project Page: These give a summary of your specific projects. Here you can outline species you study, sampling methods, and the geographic areas where you work. You can also tag the project leaders and collaborators who are OceanSpaces members, plus tag other groups on OceanSpaces that contribute to the work, and upload reports and other resources.
      3. Create a News Item: These tell the community about events or announcements within your group. Did you get published in a journal, mentioned in a newspaper, or featured on a blog? Let us know by creating a news story!
      4. Add Images: Visual content helps tell your group’s story and get others interested in what you do. You can upload individual images to your group.
      5. Add Videos: Upload videos to Youtube or Vimeo, and link them to your group page on OceanSpaces.

To learn more about administering and publishing content within your group visit the Organization and Groups FAQ.

Visit your dashboard to get started.

Note: To create certain content types you must be the administrator or member of a Community Group or Organization. Program and project pages are only available to members who administer a group at the moment. These can be accessed through the admin toolbar at the top of the screen under Content > Add Content.