What is the difference between a community group and an organization?

The community is the heart of OceanSpaces and has a diverse membership. We have two types of community associations, community groups and organizations.

  • Community Groups: are intended for OceanSpaces members who would like to create a space to showcase their activities, collaborate, and share information. Typically community groups do not have a dedicated website and established identity outside of OceanSpaces.
  • Organization Pages: are intended for members that are affiliated with a formally recognized entity that has an established identity outside of the OceanSpaces community. Typically they will have an official website of their own, but would like to be represented on OceanSpaces as a community member to showcase their contributions to the underpinnings of California‚Äôs ocean resource management.
    • If you are interested in an organization, but are not officially affiliated, you may still join the organization as a subscriber. The process is the same, simply click the "Join This Organization" button, and you will be added as a subscriber. You will receive email updates whenver new content is posted to the organization page.

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