MPA Monitoring Partners


California’s Statewide MPA Monitoring Program is informed by engaged partnerships that are the key to effective and durable outcomes. Collaboration and cooperation among community members, fishermen, tribes, scientists, managers, policy makers, non-profit organizations, and citizen scientists are vital for the many facets of designing and supporting MPA monitoring into the future.

The Monitoring Program is within the research and monitoring focal area of the MPA Management Program. The MPA Management Program is composed of four focal areas that reflect Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) goals and requirements: outreach and education, research and monitoring, enforcement and compliance, and policy and permitting. It was designed to ensure the MPA Network is adaptively managed and informed by engaged partnerships.


The Monitoring Program, which is part of the MPA Management Program, is guided by four principle organizations:

  • California Department of Fish and Wildlife is the managing agency responsible for all components of the MPA Management Program;
  • California Ocean Protection Council is the lead for policy and implementation of MLPA activities;
  • California Fish and Game Commission is the final decision maker on all existing and proposed MPA regulations; and
  • California Ocean Science Trust is a non-profit that supports science informed decision-making for California’s ocean.


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