New: State of the Region Report

North Central Coast MPA baseline monitoring is complete! Explore the State of the Region report and the wide variety of supporting resources.

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The diverse habitats of the North Central Coast region are home to thousands of species, including over half a million breeding seabirds, thousands of invertebrate species, and 25 threatened or endangered species, such as black abalone, coho salmon, and marbled murrelets. The region’s rich waters sustain commercial and recreational fisheries, and support recreational activities and tourism. The North Central Coast region includes approximately 763 square miles of state waters along the California coast, from Alder Creek near Point Arena south to Pigeon Point, including state waters around the Farallon Islands (a biological hotspot 28 miles offshore of San Francisco). 

MPAs in this region, including 22 new or modified MPAs and 3 marine recreational management areas, were implemented in 2010 under the Marine Life Protection Act. They cover approximately 20% of state waters in the region.

Find out more about the MPA Baseline Monitoring Program and current progress towards developing a plan for Long-term Monitoring in the region, here on!

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