New: State of the Region Report

North Central Coast MPA baseline monitoring is complete! Explore the State of the Region report and the wide variety of supporting resources.

Also check out the results from the North Central Coast Monitoring Survey on the more

Now in 2 Regions! A Dashboard of Monitoring Projects.

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in and shared the North Central Coast Monitoring survey! Ocean Science Trust is now thrilled to launch a new Monitoring Dashboard! This publicly-available dashboard allows anybody to visualize and explore research and monitoring activities in the North Central Coast and Central Coast regions.

Click here to explore the Monitoring Dashboard!


Newly gathered information from the North Central Coast Monitoring Survey has been uploaded to an updated Dashboard! This included 21 North Central Coast projects – including over 2,048 monitoring sites, and are now publicly available through the dashboard’s interactive tables, maps, and figures. We are thrilled to make this information about monitoring and research readily accessible to everyone.

The dashboard will be used by California Ocean Science Trust --together with its partners at the California Ocean Protection Council and California Department of Fish and Wildlife as a key ingredient in planning the next phase of monitoring in the region. Read more in the blog



Long-term monitoring and evaluation of the condition of California’s marine ecosystems will benefit from collective efforts of many partners. The North Central Coast MPA Monitoring Plan provides the framework and approach that will guide long-term monitoring in the region, in combination with lessons learned from the baseline program, and the knowledge, capacity, and local priorities of the North Central Coast ocean community.

Those actively involved in managing or overseeing monitoring efforts in the North Central Coast are invited to participate in this survey of North Central Coast monitoring activities.


Click here to take the North Central Coast Monitoring Survey!


The North Central Coast Monitoring Survey will help identify the geographic and temporal coverage of monitoring activities inside and outside of the region's MPAs, and the compatibility of those activities with the metrics and priorities outlined in the North Central Coast MPA Monitoring Plan. The Ocean Science Trust and its partners at California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) and California Ocean Protection Council (OPC) will use the publicly available survey results to help design and implement a partnership-based plan for long-term monitoring inside and outside North Central Coast MPAs. 

For more information about the North Central Coast Monitoring Survey, including the types of information needed to complete it, please read the Frequently Asked Questions.


Those interested in sharing insights for monitoring the local coasts and ocean, and not leading or managing a monitoring program, are invited to complete the Community Questionnaire below. 


Click here to take the North Central Coast Community Questionnaire!


Information gathered will help us better understand local monitoring interests and priorities, and will inform community conversations about planning for a partnership-based approach to long-term monitoring in the area.

For more information about these efforts, check out the Survey Release blog! And please feel free to contact Dina at or 510.350.3464 if you would like to touch base about anything related to the North Central Coast Monitoring Survey, the Community Questionnaire, or North Central Coast MPA monitoring in general.