Collaborations abound as data collection continues

Collaborators across over 30 organizations are collecting, processing, and analyzing data - partnerships have been key to success. Researchers are in the midst of their second field season, collecting data during an El Niño event. Join us at the Western Society of Naturalists more

With rocky cliffs and deep underwater canyons, California's northernmost shores are diverse, untamed, and rich in life.

From rocky shores and estuaries to offshore pinnacles and submarine canyons, the North Coast region is home to a vast array of species, sustains productive commercial fisheries, and supports a variety of recreational activities. Humboldt Bay is the second largest estuary in California and is home to 40% of the state’s known eelgrass beds. Numerous rocks and islets located within the region provide important foraging and nesting habitat for marine birds and haulout sites for pinnipeds.

The region includes ~1,027 square miles of state waters along the California coast from the Oregon border south to Alder Creek near Point Arena. MPAs in this region were implemented in 2012 under the Marine Life Protection Act, including 19 new or modified MPAs and one marine recreational management area. Together the regional network covers approximately 13% of state waters in the region.