North Central Coast: State of the Region


The State of the California North Central Coast (State of the Region) is a compilation of the portfolio of new research findings, integration projects, management applications, and community-building. A summary of the State of the Region is presented here in the State of the Region Report,  titled: State of the California North Central Coast: A Summary of the Marine Protected Area Monitoring Program 2010-2015 (Report). The Report will be provided to the California Fish and Game Commission to inform management recommendations from the first five years of MPA implementation in the North Central Coast.

Thanks to the feedback provided by members of the North Central Coast ocean community during the public community gatherings, the online version of the Report was updated, and an Erratum has been developed to accompany printed copies of the report. Read more about this on the blog

Below, explore highlights from the Report and the full suite of data, technical reports, academic papers, new tools, and partnership-building efforts.

Check out the new blog post on the North Central Coast State of the Region, sharing the Key Themes that were discussed at community gatherings throughtout the region.

Have you taken the North Central Coast monitoring survey yet? Your response will help inform the development of long-term MPA monitoring.