by Hayley Carter / California Ocean Science Trust, San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival
  • Benét Duncan / California Ocean Science Trust
  • Stephen Wertz / California Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Kristen Milligan / Partnership for Interdisciplinary Studies of Coastal Oceans and Oregon State University
  • Jessica Watson / Oregon Department of Fish and Game, Marine Reserves Program

"Planning for Change" Nov. 5 workshop proceedings now available

February 11, 2016

Last November in Sacramento, Ocean Science Trust co-hosted a science-policy workshop that brought together natural resource managers, policymakers, and scientists to explore how we can best track changing ocean conditions to meet the needs of natural resource managers along the West Coast. 


The Planning for Change Workshop provided an opportunity for scientists and managers to explore approaches for overcoming challenges associated with developing long-term monitoring programs to detect and understand long-term change in the California Current coastal ocean ecosystem.

The proceedings and executive summary are now available here, and on our OceanSpaces project page.



Next Steps

The workshop discussion launched an effort that will continue into the future to increase coordination and collaboration among scientists and managers along the U.S. West Coast. The themes and principles that arose during this workshop will form the basis of a recommendations document for West Coast decision makers at state, regional, and federal levels with coastal ocean jurisdictions. 


The workshop was co-hosted by California Ocean Science Trust, Partnership for the Interdisciplinary Study of Coastal Oceans, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.