An interdisciplinary, independent team of scientists supporting California’s science needs

The Ocean Protection Council Science Advisory Team (OPC-SAT) is composed of 26 esteemed scientists along the West Coast and more

by Leila Sievanen / California Ocean Science Trust
June 19, 2017
Download the full report (PDF) New report: Readying California Fisheries for Climate Change California fisheries are at risk from a variety of impacts including a changing climate. The Ocean Protection Council (OPC) provided funding to Ocean Science Trust to convene an interdisciplinary OPC Science...
by Ryan Meyer / California Ocean Science Trust
April 15, 2016
[update: this post has been modified to clarify the status of OPC’s planned activities, some of which are pending formal approval by the Council] OPC is requesting scientific input on two related items: 1. A limited-scope update to California's statewide sea-level rise guidance, to be finalized in...
by Emily Knight / Lenfest Ocean Program
September 22, 2015
Welcome to the August 2015 Newsletter! In this edition we provide an update about the OPC July 29 public meeting, including: Building off our February 25, 2015 OPC-SAT workshop, Readying California's Fisheries for Climate Change , funds were approved for an OPC-SAT working group on climate change...