Across California ocean and coastal agencies and beyond – embedded in legal mandates, management plans, and policy guidance – there is a common theme: shared goals for a healthy, resilient, and productive California ocean. Bringing the scientific and management communities together, California has the opportunity to begin building a shared understanding of ocean health.

    'Joining the conversation about a healthy ocean in California'  


Aligning the policy and management vision across the landscape

From MPA management and fishery regulations, to reductions in marine debris and wastewater treatment, California policymakers, regulators and managers are already taking actions that promote a healthy, productive ocean.

  'Building a Shared Vision for California’s Ocean Health'

New science tools to measure and track ocean health

Each agency has its own unique mission, mandates, management levers, and policies – different words, different cultures and different day-to-day operations. California is beginning to explore some of the overlaps and differences among agencies, and identify opportunities for new science tools to measure and track ocean health.

New projects are building bridges between the water quality and MPA monitoring communities