Oceanographic conditions vary widely from season to season and from year to year, affecting temperatures, currents, and upwelling patterns that in turn affect marine life. Accounting for this environmental backdrop is essential to assessing the impact of MPAs. This project will develop indicators of environmental conditions at local and regional scales that affect marine life in the region. Indicators will include data on sea surface temperature, salinity, waves, surface currents, and time series of winds. These processes drive the region's biological variability. This assessment will characterize ocean conditions for the 20-year period leading up to implementation of the MPAs. Results from this work will provide context for comprehensive analyses of baseline and future MPA monitoring.



Researchers described their findings from this project in a technical report, released in July 2017. Click below to read the report.

FINAL REPORT: Characterization and indicators of oceanographic conditions



Data from this project are coming soon! You will be able access the data through the OceanSpaces map tool and data archive to learn more about each data package.

Project leaders

Eric Bjorkstedt / NOAA/NMFS/SWFSC and Humboldt State University
Brian Tissot / Humboldt State University
William Sydeman / farallon institute
John Largier / University of California, Davis – Department of Environmental Science and Policy
Marisol Garcia-Reyes / Farallon Institute