About the Project

The Baseline Characterization of Human Uses project is a collaboration between researchers at Point97/Ecotrust and NaturalEquity. In this project, researchers developed baseline estimates of the quantity, spatial distribution, and economic value of human uses in the South Coast region of California. The study focused on three categories of human use:

  1. Coastal recreation: Researchers evaluated coastal recreation and visitation statistics to develop a baseline of coastal recreation use patterns in the region

  2. Commercial fishing: Researchers developed a baseline characterization of spatial fishing patterns and socioeconomic status of commercial fishermen in the region, assessed initial spatial and economic changes following MPA implementation, and conducted a qualitative investigation into the impact of MPAs on commercial fishermen.

  3. Commercial passenger fishing vessels (CPFVs): Researchers utilized CPFV logbook data obtained from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to characterize the spatial fishing patterns and economic status of the CPFV fleet in the region, and conducted an assessment of historical economic trends and initial economic changes in the fleet.


Researchers described their findings from this project in a series of technical reports, released in March 2015. Click on the links below to read the reports on the California Sea Grant’s website:


Data from this project are listed below. You can also access the data through the OceanSpaces data archive, and learn more about each data package.