About the Project

In the Integrative Assessment of Baseline Conditions project, researchers at University of California Santa Barbara are working to:

  1. Provide a coordinated approach to monitoring across ecosystem features in the South Coast MPA Baseline Program, so that data can be easily shared and analyzed in a unified framework;

  2. Ensure a standards-based approach to data and metadata management across projects in the South Coast MPA Baseline Program;

  3. Facilitate data analysis and synthesis among projects in the South Coast MPA Baseline Program through dedicated workshops and working groups; and

  4. Produce an integrated dataset and series of data-based products (papers, presentations, outreach materials) among projects in the South Coast MPA Baseline Program that provide a baseline characterization of ecological and socioeconomic conditions of the entire south coast region across ecosystem features and an assessment of initial changes in these conditions within the initial period of baseline monitoring.


Researchers described their findings from this project in a technical report, released in March 2015. Click below to read the report. 

Final Report: Integrative Assessment of Baseline Conditions

Project leaders

Jenn Caselle / University of CA Santa Barbara
Carol Blanchette / University of California, Santa Barbara

Project collaborators

Katie Davis / Marine Science Institute, UCSB
Avrey Parsons-Field / Marine Science Institute, UC Santa Barbara

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