Sandy Beach Snapshot Report

The Sandy Beach Snapshot Report is the third report in the South Coast Snapshot Series. It highlights key scientific findings from the sandy beach monitoring project, one of ten state-funded baseline projects conducted in California’s South Coast region.

Sandy beaches are some of the most intensely used coastal ecosystems but are often overlooked in conservation efforts and are not as well studied as other coastal ecosystems. For two years, the sandy beach project team surveyed 12 South Coast beaches with diverse physical and ecological characteristics. Researchers also collaborated with the citizen science group LiMPETS and others to determine best practices for citizen science monitoring. This Snapshot Report demonstrates the close connections between sandy beaches and nearby kelp forest and rocky reef ecosystems, and provides a comprehensive picture of these culturally and economically important South Coast ecosystems.

This snapshot report, and the baseline research that it summarizes, provides a foundation for rigorous science-informed decisions in the region. It is a key ingredient in the State of the California South Coast Region report, which provides a comprehensive ecological and socioeconomic baseline characterization of the region.



Sandy Beaches MPA Baseline Project Principal Investigators: 

Jenny Dugan, Marine Science Institute, University of California, Santa Barbara

David Hubbard, University of California Santa Barbara

Karina Nielsen, Romberg Tiburon Center, San Francisco State University

Julie Bursek, NOAA Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary

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