Community Engagement



Beginning in 2015, the South Coast Management Team reconnected with members of the South Coast ocean community and began to learn about the most effective ways to connect and communicate with the region’s diverse audiences. Engagement centered on providing access to baseline information and products, including the State of the California South Coast report, and building an understanding and awareness of how baseline information will contribute to statewide, long-term monitoring.

The following provides an overview of the engagement steps taken by the Management Team from 2015-2017. Additional details about South Coast community engagement is available in a memo from Ocean Science Trust to the Fish and Game Commission (FGC), which was submitted to the FGC for their April 27, 2017 meeting.​



In January 2017, the Management Team held a webinar for South Coast “Key Communicators” to provide an update on the status of baseline monitoring in the region and share details about available information and products. Key materials shared before and during the webinar include:



On March 20-24, 2017, the Management Team held five community gatherings throughout the South Coast. Over 300 members of the South Coast ocean community gathered in an informal setting to learn about the status of MPA monitoring in the South Coast, including how baseline information will contribute to long-term monitoring and inform management. The gatherings provided participants with the opportunity to: discuss the recently released the State of the California South Coast report; engage with researchers, managers, citizen scientists, fishermen, and others involved in monitoring; and participate in decision making about our ocean. Ideas and feedback shared during the events will improve how information from baseline monitoring (Phase 1) is made available to the South Coast ocean community, including on OceanSpaces, and help inform the statewide long-term MPA Monitoring Program (Phase 2).


Presentations and Videos

Videos of presentations given by the South Coast Management Team

Slide Decks of presentations given by principal researchers and others involved in MPA monitoring across the South Coast


Summary of Key Themes

This summary provides an overview of key themes expressed by those who attended the community gatherings, as well as input received during informal, small group discussions held with local tribal leaders, commercial and recreational fishermen, local governments, and others. Key sections of the document include:

     * Core Questions Asked Across Community Gatherings

     * General Community Ideas, Comments, and Concerns

          - Baseline Monitoring Discussion

          - Baseline Information and MPA Management

          - Enforcement Activities

     * Role of Local Partnerships and Collaboration

     * Resources and Key Contacts


State and Local Government Engagement

In addition to the Community Gatherings and outreach focused in March 2017, the Management Team reached out to state and local government and management entities in Southern California to share South Coast baseline information and products.

The Management Team presented the status of the South Coast at two Fish and Game Commission meetings, sharing informational updates and baseline products as they became available:

  • December 2016, Informational presentations on the status of the regional assessment of south coast MPAs (item 12): agenda, materials, video
  • April 2017, Receive presentation on and discuss State of the California South Coast: Summary of Findings from Baseline Monitoring of Marine Protected Areas, 2011-2015 (item 26): agenda, materials, video

The Management Team presented the status of the South Coast at two Malibu City Council meetings, through which we engaged with Councilmembers and members of the public.

  • September 2016, Presentation by the California Ocean Science Trust regarding Baseline Monitoring Information for MPAs (item 1.B): agenda, video
  • April 2017, Presentation by the Ocean Science Trust on Key Findings from the State of the California South Coast Report (item 1.D): agenda, video

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