Subtidal ROV Snapshot Report

The fourth report in the South Coast Snapshot Series, the Subtidal Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Snapshot Report highlights key findings from the subtidal ROV monitoring project, one of ten state-funded baseline monitoring projects in California’s South Coast.

From 2011-2012, the ROV project surveyed mid-depth rock, subtidal soft-bottom, and deep and canyon ecosystems, which are home to many commercially and ecologically important species. Academic scientists, engineers, and members of the commercial fishing community collaborated to collect video and still imagery from four key locations across the South Coast. This footage is now a permanent archive that can be reviewed and re-evaluated any time, providing a more complete picture of life in the deep.

This snapshot report, and the baseline research that it summarizes, provides a foundation for rigorous science-informed decisions in the region. It is a key ingredient in the State of the California South Coast Region report, which provides a comprehensive ecological and socioeconomic baseline characterization of the region.



Subtidal ROV Baseline Project Collaborators

Principal Investigators:

  • James Lindholm, Institute for Applied Marine Ecology (IfAME) / California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB)
  • Dirk Rosen, Marine Applied Research and Exploration (MARE)


  • Ashley Knight, IfAME/CSUMB
  • Yuko Yokozawa, MARE
  • F/V Donna Kathleen and her crew

Monitoring Programs: 

  • IfAME - Institute for Applied Marine Ecology
  • MARE - Marine Applied Research and Exploration 

Contributing Groups