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I've been a member of the Department of Biological Sciences at HSU since 1996. I teach General Botany, Phycology and advanced marine courses. My research interests are in marine algal ecology and biogeography. Graduate and undergraduate students in my lab work on phytoplankton ecology, seagrass community ecology and population genetics, seaweed floristics, invasive marine plants, and how oceanic processes affect productivity in Humboldt Bay. I've been involved with the ocean observing network in Humboldt and Trinidad Bays since 2002; formerly as CICORE and now as CeNCOOS (Central and Northern California Ocean Observing System). I am also on the Board of Directors for a nonprofit group called the Coastal Ecosystems Institute of Northern California (CEINC), which has the mission of fostering and accomplishing the type of science needed by coastal resource managers - such as marine habitat migration in response to sea level rise.

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