About Ivano Aiello

Ivano is an Associate Professor of Geological Oceanography at San Jose State University at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories.

At MLML  Ivano teaches several graduate courses on different topics and methodologies concerning Marine Geology and cross-disciplinary fields in marine sciences.

Ivano  advises several graduate students whose Master projects include a variety of field based marine and coastal geological studies.

The lab is multidisciplinary is the sense that students combine to different degrees geology with a variety of other disciplines in marine sciences (e.g. marine ecology, biology). For example:

  • Geologic/geomorphology of central California rapidly changing costal environments including Elkhorn Slough, beaches and sea cliffs of Monterey Bay. Use of terrestrial laser scanning and 3D data analysis to asses small-scale geomorphologic change.
  • Sedimentology/paleoceanography of  upwelling biogenic sediments in Europe and the Pacific Rim (e.g. Monterey Fmt.), eastern equatorial Pacific and Peru Margin (ODP Leg 201), the sub-Arctic (IODP Expedition 323 in the Bering Sea).
  • Relationships between geology and microbial activity in deeply buried marine sediments recovered by IODP;

MLML’s Geological Oceanography Lab research equipment allows the conduct a large range of laboratory-based, and marine- and field-based analyses.

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