About Jessica Williams

Jessica is a marine scientist with a passion for ocean data visualization and science communication, and a love of the natural world.

As a California native, Jessica has always been captivated by the ocean. Fascinated by how people interact with and understand their environment, she began her career studying marine biology and psychology at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo where she developed an excitement for science education and communication. After a stint molding young minds at the California Academy of Sciences, Jessica returned to earn her Master’s degree in Applied Marine and Watershed Science from CSU Monterey Bay. As she shifted focus to bring together her passion for science, communications, and visual design to integrate relevant marine science into policy and decision-making, Jessica landed at Ocean Science Trust for a summer internship exploring the role of GIS in Marine Protected Area (MPA) monitoring and communication.

Jessica brings to her position as a Project Scientist experience working across disciplines to build relationships and produce a range of coastal ecosystem science communications products for both web and print applications. She is excited to be working on sharing Marine Protected Area (MPA) Baseline Monitoring results.


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